Constructs improved sub-systems, which you can use to upgrade your robot. 


Drill UpgradesEdit

Drill AmountEdit

Increases the quantity of earth and rock removed each time the drill spins.

Drill Fuel ConsumptionEdit

Reduces the amount of fuel used each time the drill spins.

Drill Heat GenerationEdit

Reduces the amount of heat generated each time the drill spins.

Drill Resource QualityEdit

Increases the number of resources you get from drilling.

Drill SpeedEdit

Increases the number of times the drill spins per second.

Drill VibrationsEdit

Reduces the amount of vibrations generated each time the drill spins.

Fuel and Optic UpgradesEdit

Fuel ReservesEdit

Increases the maximum amount of fuel your tanks can hold. 


Improves the range your sensors can penetrate underground, and imformation displayed on the minimap. 

Plating and Cooling UpgradesEdit


Makes your plating more resistant to damage. 


Increases the maximum amount of heat you can withstand and your cooling speed. 

Inventory and Consumable Slot UpgradesEdit

Utility SlotsEdit

Increases the number of consumables you get when crafting. 

Item CapacityEdit

Increasess the maximum number of resources you can carry around. 

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