Overview Edit

Crystals are more common on glacial planets and less common on volcanic planets.

There are four types of crystals: azurite, amethyst, emerald, and ruby. Each comes in 3 sizes: small sliver, medium fragment, and tiny shard. The size of the crystal determines the depth at which it can be found.

Types Edit

Azurite: Appears blue.

Amethyst: Appears purple.

Emerald: Appears green.

Ruby: Appears red.

Sizes Edit

Small Sliver: The smallest size. Found at depth 0-150. Cannot be crafted. Used to make medium fragments.

Medium Fragment: The medium size. Found at depth 50-200. Can be crafted from small slivers. Used to make large shards.

Large Shard: The largest size. Found at depth 100-250. Can be crafted from medium fragments.

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